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How to Host a Game Night in Nigeria on a Budget [With 5 DIY Game Ideas]

There are two kinds of people in the funverse of game night in Nigeria: the ones who host and those who attend.

If you are the former, you want to pay attention to this for the next few minutes. But if the latter is more your style, save this article for later because you never know when you’ll be hosting a game night for the gang. 

In this article, I’ll show you how to host the best game night in Nigeria without going broke. Additionally, I’ll share five do-it-yourself (DIY) game ideas you can play at your game night or any other event.

If you’re ready, I’m ready. So, let’s play!

How to host a budget-friendly game night in Nigeria [a step-by-step guide]

Follow these eight steps to host the best game night in Nigeria on a budget.

Step 1: Secure a venue

Living Room, A Perfect Venue For A Game Night In Nigeria
How to Host a Game Night in Nigeria on a Budget [With 5 DIY Game Ideas] 9

This is the first step. And if you’re thinking you need to rent a space or a service apartment, it only further stresses how much you need this article. 

Use your living room. If you’re expecting more people than your living room can take, ask a friend if they’d like to give you their larger apartment for the evening. 

There you go:

Zero expense and you already have a venue to host your epic game night. 

Step 2: Select games for the night

Bring Your Own Game (BYOG) lets guests bring their favourite games. It adds variety to the night and it’s a great way to discover a new favourite without spending a dime.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) game ideas are another effective way to cut costs. Check out our ebook “The Ultimate Game Guide: 50 DIY Games for Every Occasion” for DIY game ideas. DIY games are easy to play and can admit many people, meeting the two main requirements for picking any game for a game night. 

Check out our online shop for affordable, easy-to-play cards and board games. If you need someone to help you with suitable UnboxED games for your event, visit our Instagram page and chat with one of our representatives. 

Step 3: Set up your guest list

3Guest List
How to Host a Game Night in Nigeria on a Budget [With 5 DIY Game Ideas] 10

There’s a thin line between having too many people and not enough.

Now, while there is no set rule about the right number of people to invite, here are a few questions to help you decide: 

  • How many people do you need to play the selected games? 
  • How many people can comfortably fit in your venue? 
  • Who needs to be at the game night and who doesn’t?

Step 4: Send out digital invitations

A Woman Using Her Tab To Send Our E-Invites For A Game Night In Nigeria
How to Host a Game Night in Nigeria on a Budget [With 5 DIY Game Ideas] 11

When you send out invitations to your guests online, you’re not just saving money and time on printing, you’d also save the trees and the environment. 

If you want to be fancy, you can design an e-flyer on Canva in minutes for free! 

Step 5: Set the scene

5.Scene 1
How to Host a Game Night in Nigeria on a Budget [With 5 DIY Game Ideas] 12

While investing in fancy decor is great, don’t forget the goal is to cut costs to a minimum. So you can skip decoration altogether or get creative with DIY decorations that won’t stretch your pocket. 

If done well, a simple banner, tablecloth, and some lights can transform your space significantly. What’s more, it’d make for fantastic photos and videos you’d cherish later.

Step 6: Search for budget-friendly snacks and drinks

6.Drinkfood 1
How to Host a Game Night in Nigeria on a Budget [With 5 DIY Game Ideas] 13

No game night is complete without snacks and drinks.

Food can elevate the experience in a way nothing else can. Go for affordable options like homemade popcorn and Chapman. 

Also, you can ask your guest to pitch in, it’s the least they could do. 

Inform everyone invited to bring snacks and drinks. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. The snacks could be chips, pretzels, peanuts, or even gummy bears, and the drinks could include soda and juice. 

Step 7: Set the mood with music

7Music 1
How to Host a Game Night in Nigeria on a Budget [With 5 DIY Game Ideas] 14

Create a playlist that complements the gaming vibe, or ask a friend to give you their playlist. Background music adds quality to the game night. Besides, some games might require you to use music. 

Step 8: Save the best for last

How to Host a Game Night in Nigeria on a Budget [With 5 DIY Game Ideas] 15

Besides playing games, there’s something else EVERYONE can do together — clean up the venue after the game night.

With everyone pitching in, it shouldn’t take time before the place goes back to looking like its old self.  

5 DIY game ideas to play at your game night

Now that you know how to host your next game night on a budget, the next step is coming up with some DIY game ideas to complement other games you or your guests may bring.

Here are some DIY game ideas:

1. Sing-a-thon

It’s perfect for any game night in Nigeria.

To start, split the group into two or more teams. Then, pick a word, phrase, or anything.

All teams should take turns singing a song with the selected word or phrase in its lyrics until a team runs out of songs. 

The last team standing wins the game.  

2. Two Truths and a Lie

Every player should take turns saying three statements about themselves — two must be true, and one must be false.

For example, “I have two siblings, I have been to three continents, and I love cats.” 

Everyone else then takes turns guessing which is the lie.

At the end of the guesses, the player reveals the answer. Every wrong guess attracts a fine or task. 

Then, the next person goes, and so on.

3. Name That Tune

Play a short song snippet and have participants guess the title or the artist. 

The player or team with the most correct answers wins.

4. Scavenger Hunt

First, divide the group into two equal teams.

Then, designate the area for the scavenger hunt.

Have the teams hunt for a treasure, a collection of objects, or a place, following the clues they’ve been given. 

The first team to find the treasure, all the objects, or the location wins the hunt.

5. Cup Hide & Seek

Arrange multiple plastic cups facedown on a flat surface so that one is covering a token.

Move the cups around while they remain facedown. 

Now, tell the players to take turns guessing.


Fun, laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments are the hallmarks of a great game night, not the price tag.

So, gather your gang, break out the games (including our DIY game ideas), and let the good times roll. Enjoy your epic game night.

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