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At UnboxED, we specialize in creating bespoke card and board games that showcase your business or brand in a unique and engaging way. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

What we offer

Game Design

We come up with game ideas and bring them to life. From the idea stage through the design process, we get the job done.

Customised Games

UnboxED for Business is an industry-leading solution designed with your business in mind. Our goal is to help you standout from the competition with custom-made games.

Game Production

We don’t just ideate and design games, we manufacture them too. We have a team dedicated to transforming the games into any physical form you want.

People In An Office Playing Unboxed Card Games In Nigeria

Work with us


All work
and some play

Transform your corporate training programs, team-building exercises, product launches, and social events into immersive and engaging experiences.

Our expert team will collaborate closely with you, crafting custom games tailored to suit the specific needs of organizations, and providing practical solutions that foster communication, teamwork, productivity, and workplace engagement.


Make special
occasions memorable

At UnboxED, we believe that every milestone deserves a unique and unforgettable celebration.

We will work with you to create bespoke games that reflect your personality and the essence of your occasion, including birthdays, picnics, house parties, wedding anniversaries, retirements, and more.

UnboxED fun today!

Connect with our UnboxED for Business managers today and see how we can help you improve productivity, drive growth, and have fun!

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