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UnboxED started as an initiative to create games to promote comprehensive sex education, which encompassed crucial aspects such as sexual health, sexual pleasure, and sexual rights. It has, however, come a long way since then and has grown to become an industry-leading game design and production company.

A Box And Some Cards From The Unboxed 18+ Card Game.

Create unforgettable moments

At UnboxED, we create a diverse range of games suitable for everyone, including friends, family, couples, colleagues, and acquaintances. Our game collection is ideal for occasions such as game nights, house parties, hangouts, family picnics, religious gatherings, and corporate retreats.

So far, UnboxED has designed, produced, and released eight (8) games: 18+, Couple (Couple Deluxe), Naughty Board, Wild Cards, Friends, Passion Board, Do or Drink, and Family. These games have rapidly gained popularity at parties, picnics, universities, and typically anywhere young people are gathered to have fun.

Unboxed Passion Board Card
Friends Edition Box

UnboxED is revolutionizing the way people connect, have fun, and get intimate with one another by creating inclusive experiences that transcend boundaries and foster meaningful connections.

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