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UnboxED Has Card Games for Every Occasion

Welcome to the world of UnboxED games.

Looking for a unique experience that combines the blend of dice and card games with the thrill of game boards?

You’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, I’ll take you through all nine (9) distinct editions of UnboxED Games that cater to various audiences and occasions, whether you’re planning a picnic with your friends, a romantic evening with your partner, or a fun-filled get-together with your family. 

Let’s dive in.

UnboxED Games have how many Editions?

So far, we have 9 editions with more on the way.

1. 18+ Edition

A classic game for adult-themed parties and hangouts.

I8+ Edition is a card and dice game specifically designed for adult parties and hangouts.  It comes with party dice and playing cards featuring compelling dares, fascinating prompts, and exciting tasks. This game guarantees endless fun and laughter.

The 18+ edition is the perfect game for house parties, picnics, school reunions, and anywhere adults are gathered to have fun. What’s more, it’s an excellent game to pair with other games, such as Taboo, Charades, etc. 

Game components:

  • One deck of 64 cards.
  • One party dice. 

2. Couple Edition

An intimate game for couples. 

UnboxED Couple Edition is a thrilling, intimate card game for lovers. This sexual-themed game takes intimacy to new heights, making it an excellent choice for date nights and a couple-themed hangout.

Complete with adult dice and couple-themed cards — including sex prompts — the game is bound to deepen romantic relationships and certainly lead to sex. 

Game components:

  • One deck of 64 cards. 
  • One sex-position dice.
  • Two glow-in-the-dark dice. 

Couple Deluxe Edition

In addition to everything in the Couple Edition, the Couple Deluxe Edition has a deck of 50 sex-position cards.


3. Naughty Board Edition

A game for naughty hangouts. 

Naughty Board is a competitive board game designed for wild parties and untamed fun. This game is guaranteed to bring life to any hangout lit and fill it with memorable moments.

Game components:

  • One 8×8 board. 
  • One deck of 54 cards.
  • Six playing pieces. 
  • One dice. 
Unboxed Games - Card Games In Nigeria
UnboxED Naughty Board Cards

4. Wild Cards Edition

A steamy game for 2 – 6 consensual adults.

UnboxED Wild Cards Edition is a highly sexual game for adults (18+) only. Similar to the popular ‘pick 2’ game, it comes with 96 cards that feature provocative prompts, shapes, and numbers. This game was created for wild moments, I promise.

Game components: 

  • One deck of 54 wild cards. 
  • One deck of 45 UnboxED cards. 

5. Friends Edition

A fun game for friends and acquaintances.

UnboxED Friends Edition features 100 cards of thought-provoking and humorous questions designed to spark engaging conversations and create enjoyable moments. It’s the perfect card game to play with friends, family, colleagues, new acquaintances, or anyone, for that matter.

Game component:

  • One box of 100 cards.

6. Passion Board Edition

A steamy, year-long adventure for couples. 

Passion Board is designed to deepen intimacy for couples. This game will take you and your partner through 52 weeks of unbridled intimacy and steamy sex.

So, if you’re looking for a long-term engaging activity for you and your partner, this game is perfect for you.

Game components:

  • One 8×8 board.  
  • One deck of 52 cards.

7. Do or Drink Edition

A drinking game for parties and hangouts.

Do or Drink is the ultimate drinking game for house parties, hangouts, or any adult gathering that promises fun. With 80 cards filled with drinking prompts, everyone is sure to have a great time.

Note, however, that this game is suitable for players 18 and above.

Please, endeavour to drink responsibly.

Game components:

  • One deck of 80 cards.
Unboxed Games - Card Games In Nigeria
UnboxED Do or Drink Card

8. Family Edition

A game for family and friends.

Our Family Edition is a competitive card and board game suitable for the whole family. Packed with engaging questions, penalties, and prompts, it is bound to spark reflection, laughter, and bonding moments.

This game is the perfect activity to spend quality time together and create cherished memories.

Game components:

  • One 8×8 board.
  • One deck of 54 cards. 
  • 24 playing pieces (12 pieces of one colour per player).
  • Two dice.

9. Date Night Edition

An icebreaker game for people who want to have a great first date and a great love story.

The UnboxED Date Night Edition features an instruction card and 80 cards of conversation starters, flirty prompts, and soul-searching questions.

It was made so you never run out of the right things to say to your date. The game is your best bet at turning potentially awkward situations into fond memories.

Game components:

  • One deck of 81 cards (including the instruction card).
Unboxed Date Night Edition Box
UnboxED Has Card Games for Every Occasion 18

Date Night Deluxe Edition

Along with everything in the Date Night Edition, the deluxe edition also comes with a date night dice set.

How can you get these card games in Nigeria?

You can get the above UnboxED games from the following channels:

Option 1: Go to the UnboxED shop on this website to order the ones you want.

Option 2: Go to the UnboxED Instagram page and send a DM (direct message) to the sales rep.

Option 3: Send a DM to +234 705 611 7333 on WhatsApp.

Option 4: Visit the myPaddi Shop website.


UnboxED games offer a refreshing twist to traditional card and board games, bringing entertainment to your game nights and gatherings. From the laughter-inducing 18+ Edition to the intimate Couple Deluxe Edition, each game is designed to create memorable moments and forge deeper connections.

So, gather your friends, partners, or family members and embark on a journey filled with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable experiences.

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